Employer Branding is a must,
not an option.

As an employer branding partner, Talent Brand helps employers attract, connect, and engage talents.

What we do

Our services are highly flexible and based upon what fits in your business objectives. Talent Brand can help you with one, all, or any parts of these employer branding activities.

By using qualitative and quantitative researches, we do Employer Brand health checks to evaluate how an employer be perceived internally and externally. We also conduct in-depth discussions with talents to understand their insights & expectations, those would help your company to attract and engage them better. 

Basing on trust-worthy data, we help your company to know your EVP – Employee Value Proposition, it’s the unique set of values that positively influence target candidates, employees, and ex-employees. It gives current and future employees a reason to work for an employer and reflects the company’s competitive advantage.

Every employer has its brand with a unique look & feel. Basing on your employer branding objectives and what your targeted talents expect, we will develop the communication strategy and make it happen effectively.
Whether it’s a short-time campaign or a long-time branding project, we deliver the committed KPIs with insightful contents through integrated communication channels.

We support HR to deliver their services more creative and attractive.
With a diverse production team & partners who possess a large range of experience, we can quickly make all the ideas that happen in various formats such as career websites, company videos, and other artworks.

Those in-house training courses are a highly interactive program designed for the HR team who want to grow their competencies and get on the fast track to achieving success in Employer Branding.
Training will cover the proven HR Marketing knowledge techniques and practical strategies your team member needs to take ownership of EB strategy and effectively run on their own.

Working process


Let's talk about what you are looking for and gain alignment to a brief


We will research, brainstorm & develop a tailor-made solution for you


It's time to discuss, select, and negotiate for the best fit solution


Agency & Client, together we will make all the plans happened effectively.

Featured works

Take a look at how we have brought employer brand stories to life in Vietnam.

Employer Branding Academy

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